Cotton Sarees

Cotton Sarees Online

 - what comes first in our mind ! when we read, listen or write cotton : feeling comfort, known itchy and pure form of fabric.

it is widely practicing fabric in modern cultural fashion outfit like sarees, Kurtis and nowadays even in lehenga too,

cotton is very strong in nature of strengthness. there a various category in cotton;


PC Cotton: widely used in designing and manufacturing straight suits, embroidery or handwork is an easy option on pc cotton.


Synthetic cotton: it is a kind of mixture of natural cotton with other febrics, mostly used in bedsheets and another pattern base outfit where flexibility is required.


Linen Cotton - is durable and very soft in nature, practicing in menswear normally.


Pure Cotton - widely used in summerwear products due to its ability to minimize sweat and coldness. use this cotton is summer wear.


cotton silk is very comfortable derives from natural plants from various methods of farming. products are mostly used in PC Cotton.